Web of Trust

Posted by LIdee Haus at 22/10/2022

The booming development of e-commerce also means the increasing of online shopping on e-commerce  platforms. Together with the development, there are more and more potential risks on customers' personal information leakage. In addition to up-to-date improvement on website content for pleasant experiences, safety on customers' personal information is utmost important criteria of LIdee Haus' policy.

In order to make customers feel more secure while surfing on our website, LIdee Haus submitted our registration for Web of Trust via National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) and obtained certification. Customers can find the logo on the right bottom of website footer with hyperlink from certified office.

Web of Trust helps Internet users in Viet Nam recognize which website is LEGIT and INFORMATION SAFE for customers that brings trust to service users and enhances the capability of website's owner on the internet.

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