Shipping & Delivery


  1. For products with small-sized package within limits, the default option is using parcel shipping service via partners like SapoExpress, Aha Move, Grab, Viettel Post, Giaohangtietkiem, Giaohangnhanh.   
  2. For products with bulky-sized like indoor - outdoor furniture, please contact the seller in advance to figure out a cost-saving option. Additional notes:  
  • If the item is full-assembled (ready-to-use upon unpacking), it will be packed as it is. 
  • If the item is knock-down (ready-to-assemble upon unpacking), it will be packed as separated components attached with assembly instruction & related tools. In case of pre-assembling need, please make a note when placing the order or contact the seller via hotline / Zalo to fulfill the request. Please note that pre-assembled piece will lead to considerable shipping cost increase due to bulky packaging dimension. In case of assembly trouble & home support need, please contact the seller for quotation & prompt action (only available in some districts within Ho Chi Minh City). For customers in other cities / provinces, contact the seller via hotline / Zalo for further instruction if any difficulty encountered. 
  • Default packaging is carton box or multi-layer of PE foam / stretch film depending on type of items or delivery distance. For additional request, please clearly note in the order or contact the seller via hotline / Zalo for further information.



  1. Shipping time specifies the date of packaging complete & handover to delivery partners for dispatching. Delivery time (mostly expected) specifies the date that customers expect to receive the package from delivery partners.
  2. Shipping will be made within 1-2 days upon getting order confirmation, within working hours (8 A.M. - 5 P.M.) or allowed service hours for big truck (9 A.M. - 4 P.M.) if the goods is bulky, from Monday to Friday (excluding Saturday, Sunday & holidays). In case of urgent delivery need or out of the mentioned frame, please contact the seller for prompt assistance & quotation as per request.
  3. Delivery time is within 2-3 working days for districts within Ho Chi Minh City, 7-10 working days for other provinces (excluding Saturday, Sunday & holidays).



  1. Free shipping for minimum order value 2.000.000 VND (except for Furniture Stock Clearance category).
  2. Shipping cost is calculated based on the published costs & rates from domestic carriers like Viettel Post, Giaohangtietkiem… There are 3 options: same-day delivery serivce, express service (2-3 days) and economy service (7-10 days). 
  • Same-day delivery service (only HCMC): max package dim not exceeding 90 x 60 x 90 cm, gross weight <80 kg
  • Express service (via airfreight): the longest package dim < 110 cm, gross weight <40 kg
  • Economy service (via inland truck): the longest package dim < 250 cm, unlimited gross weight
  1. To provide customers with cost-saving option & ease of delivery, if you have any other suggestion on shipping options, please contact the seller.



  1. For express / economy service (Viettel Post, Giaohangtietkiem, Giaohangnhanh…) 
  • Upon order placing is completed, an order confirmation email or ZNS message via Zalo will be generated from the system. Tracking number will be automatically updated to customer when the package is handed over to the carrier. Customer will not be disturbed with seller's call unless there is important notification related to the order.   
  • Transport package condition should be checked before signature confirmation. If the transport package is damaged which may affect the goods inside, please record a video clip with unboxing process and send to the seller via Zalo. Clear evidence from customer is needed in order to discuss with delivery partners.
  1. For same-day delivery services (Grab, AhaMove…)
  • The seller will contact customer via FB messenger or Zalo before scheduled delivery time to inform. We will not ship out until receiving the feedback from customer. 
  • If the delivery address is apartment building or multi-storey house, door to door delivery means being in front of the building / house main entrance. In case of inside delivery, please inform the seller in advance, additional charge 100.000 VND per floor (if no lift available). 
  • For bulky packages delivered by tricycle or pickup truck, please inform the seller in advance if customer's delivery address is located in narrow alley to figure out a suitable option.
  • In case of delivery address or delivery time change, please inform the seller at least 24 hours prior to our appointment time for delivery. If there is no notification, the packages will be delivered to agreed address and arising cost due to late informed change shall be charged to customer.
  • In case our delivery partners cannot reach customer on phone when arriving, the seller will get in contact & leave message. If there is no feedback after 3 attempts, the order will be cancelled. 
  • In force majeure cases (bad weather, bad traffic, truck ban schedule, holiday, special events…) which affects delivery time, the seller will inform customer & propose new date. 



  1. For customers that buy bulky items but do not wish to deliver right away due to special reasons (e.g. house building, renovation…), LIdee Haus offers warehouse deposit service (keep at our warehouse), free of charge within 30 days from the date of paying 80% order value & proceeding with warehouse deposit agreement. 7 days before expiry date, the seller will inform customers via written notification (email, message…) to arrange delivery schedule (in case the goods has not been delivered yet).
  2. Starting from the 31st day, the warehouse cost will be charged at fixed rate 20% of order value for each 7-day period (excluding shipping cost or any other cost). The maximum period for warehouse deposit is 60 days. After 60 days, if no mutual agreement on delivery date is reached, the warehouse deposit agreement will expire and no paid deposit amount will be refunded.  
  3. Warehouse deposit service is only applicable to 80% pre-paid order.


For any further question, please contact LIdee Haus via



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