Product Check Policy


LIdee Haus commit that all products sold on our website are 100% brand new and in compliant with manufacturer's quality standard. Besides, all product descriptions displayed on website are honest and accurate. 


The packaging is handled by LIdee Haus' team therefore we guarantee the package quality as per commitment by the time of packaging. Delivery service will be handled by delivery parners assigned by LIdee Haus. In order to protect customer's right in case the received goods is not up to expectation and reasonable solution should be made, please pay attention to below points:

  1. Upon receiving, please check carefully recipient's information (name, address, mobile number, purchased items) displayed on shipping label.
  2. There is at least 1 red stamp on each package. Please record a video clip of unboxing in order to have a base to handle the claim in case customer is not satisfied with the package or the packaging is detected in suspicious condition.  

Please refer to our Warranty & Returns policy to be fully informed of cases covered in our policy.



Total money: