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Posted by LIdee Haus at 12/02/2022

In addition to wood, rattan weaving furniture is getting more popular thanks to its variety in design & close-to-nature feeling. However, the natural rattan is rather sensitive to the environment. Under direct sunlight impact within a period, it will easily get cracked & color-fading, furthermore, high humidity can also lead to mold. Therefore, products made of natural rattan are more suitable for indoor use rather than outdoor use. Well, is there any solution to use rattan products outdoor? As a result, it’s time for the synthetic rattan (other name: wicker) to make its debut.

What is synthetic rattan? As its name shows, synthetic rattan itself is made from HDPE plastic mixed with other additives in order to bring color visual and pattern that looks like natural rattan. The synthetic wire will be weaved firmly to cover the inner metal frame (normally steel or aluminum frame), thanks to its elasticity & flexibility, it is widely used in weaving workmanship to make different designs with high durability. The coating is treated with chemical for weather-resistant characteristics, even under tough conditions like hot weather or heavy rain, it is not easy to get color fading or mold. The life cycle of synthetic rattan can be considered long (2-3 years for standard range, 5-6 years for premium range), of course this will mostly depend on plastic quality & workmanship level. If the product is made from low quality plastic, after a short period, the wire will become loosen due to poor elasticity, cracking or color changing. Although it may share one mutual name as synthetic rattan, products from different origin can bring totally different quality.
In previous article, LIdee shared some tips on maintenance & care for wooden outdoor furniture, then any difference for synthetic rattan? Well, actually it’s much easier because it’s plastic anyway which makes it not too difficult to get rid of the dirt or not-too-long stain (e.g. coffee stain) with tissue or damp cloth. In case the dirt is more stubborn, soap or mild detergent can be used, along with a small brusher. Please note that strong detergent or sharp-edged stuff can destroy the surface of the product.    
With all advantages as mentioned above, synthetic rattan seems to be an ideal choice for outdoor space with elegant & eco-friendly design.  


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