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Posted by LIdee Haus at 12/02/2022

Hi there!

The first word spoken should be "thanks", among many choices, thank you for coming here - at LIdee Haus. With background in the manufacturing & exporting furniture & home décor industry, since late 2018, LIdee Haus started our very first day as a no-named seller that mostly handled stock clearance of export trading company. The local market has abundant potential, however, within our category, there are still obstacles which refrain  consumers from having products qualified in both safety & appearance. Putting ourself in consumers' position with the hope of having products which have not only eye-catching look but also first-rate quality, the name LIdee Haus was defined and step-by-step the launching of our own e-commerce channel in order to get closer & bring more professional shopping experience to our customers. All products sold at LIdee Haus are 100% made in Viet Nam and inspected thoroughly in terms of workmanship & quality. At LIdee Haus, it is not only product selling, moreover it is our wish to listen to customers' need & share knowledges as well as experience in choosing suitable product. 

To avoid misunderstanding or unclear information, LIdee Haus would like to inform that beside the website, at the moment LIdee Haus only have activities on below platforms.

1. Facebook & Instagram

Facebook / Instagram and Messenger channel is set up to inform customers on sales program or live chat support in case customers need further information about product or related matters. If customers need to place an order, please proceed through our website. Please scan the below QR to follow LIdee Haus' Instagram.

2. TikTok Shop

Please scan the below QR to follow LIdee Haus' TikTok Shop. 

3. Zalo OA

OA (Official Account) is set up to assist customers on Zalo. Please scan the below QR to follow LIdee Haus' OA.

Apart from channels mentioned above, LIdee Haus has no further trading activity on others, the link to mentioned channels is embedded as icons on the website's left header. We will not bear any responsibilty on product or trading activity from channels or links that are different from provided information.

Thank you & have a lovely day! 

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